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EDR bei NESTEC: Neuer Herstellerpartner Blueshift

EDR Lösungen sind die topaktuellen Antworten und Gegenmaßnahmen im beständigen Kampf gegen Cyberkriminalität.

Wir freuen uns daher, nunmehr auch eine solche topmoderne EDR Lösung mit unserem neuen Partner BLUESHIFT im Portfolio anbieten zu können. Seien Sie LIVE dabei wenn wir zusammen mit dem Hersteller die Lösungen zu dem Thema präsentieren - der Webcast wird in englischer Sprache stattfinden.

Comprehensive Coverage from End Point to the Cloud

The Blueshift XDR Suite combines network-based deep packet inspection with a managed SIEM in order to support detection & response, vulnerability detection, and visibility across your IT infrastructure. With Blueshift you can continuously monitors endpoints, servers, cloud environments, virtual machines, Office 365, IoT, network, remote workers (WFH), and beyond. It Includes unlimited on-prem security event logging for forensic analysis and compliance.
Proactive Cybersecurity Protection

Blueshift blocks threats and reduces risk with zero disruption to day-to-day business operations. Most threats are automatically and instantaneously identified and blocked using threat intelligence, deception, and intrusion detection. Instantly require zero trust multi-factor authentication for file access during a security incident without impeding employee productivity.
Join us for an introduction session with Blueshift team and find how Blueshift’s comprehensive cybersecurity operations protect all devices and data across your entire IT infrastructure.
  • WHAT: Blueshift XDR 
  • WHEN: 21.10.2022. - 15:00h
     Siniša Vojtek & Steve Nicol

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